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The general clinical manifestations of the disease are largely similar to the symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection. The main signs of postnasal drip. Feeling of mucus in the throat Difficulty breathing Nasal congestion Dry cough Itching and burning in the nasopharynx Headache Weakness Feeling of a lump in the throat Mucus is usually yellow in color, but orange-brown clots may occur. The patient may complain of painful and unpleasant sensations in the paranasal sinuses. As the inflammatory process develops, the pharynx may become involved, which is caused by the appearance of pharyngitis. After mucus drains, throat irritation occurs. Patients often have a sore throat, which can make it difficult to eat and drink hot or cold drinks.

In many cases, the symptoms of the disease are pronounced in the morning. In the chronic form of the syndrome, the patient is bothered by severe coughing attacks at night. Mucus contains a larger number of microbes, which, when they enter the stomach, lead to upset. Positive postnasal drip develops when mucus is transported from the nasal cavity to the pharynx if it does not affect the pharyngeal openings and the surface of the soft palate. If there is no accumulation of mucus, then it is customary to talk about negative postnasal drip syndrome.

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Depending on the type and form of the upper respiratory tract disease, treatment tactics are determined. If the syndrome is not caused by allergic rhinitis, then the patient is prescribed decongestants and antihistamines, steroid sprays and aerosols. Allergic rhinitis, which has led to postnasal drip, is treated with intranasal corticosteroids. Medicines should be used only after consultationations with an otolaryngologist who will prescribe appropriate medications. It is prohibited to use medications on your own, as this can worsen the pathological condition. If a bacterial infection is present, treatment is carried out with antibiotics. In some cases, endoscopic sinus surgery is indicated.

The principle of treatment of leakage syndrome is based on the correct treatment of the concomitant disease. If the structure of the nasal turbinates is abnormal or the nasal septum is deviated, corrective operations are performed to reduce the severity of the symptoms of the disease. If the cause of the syndrome is gastroesophageal reflux disease, then it is undesirable for the patient to eat and drink 2-3 hours before bedtime, and also to give up bad habits. To suppress the production of hydrochloric acid, special drugs are prescribed that block this process. All these measures help improve mucus discharge.

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To identify and establish numbness syndrome, the otolaryngologist conducts a detailed examination of the ears, nose and pharynx, taking into account the patient’s complaints. If necessary, laboratory and endoscopic tests are prescribed. During the examination, the doctor may notice an accumulation of mucus or a thick secretion in the hypopharynx.

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